Sonia, Sophie's mother, July 2012.

The LiSN & Learn program has had a profound impact on Sophie’s academic performance and her ability to function in situations where there is background noise.

Because of Sophie’s CAPD / SPD she struggled to learn foundation skills at school being unable to “hear” the teacher in the noisy classroom. As a consequence, Sophie’s reading, comprehension and handwriting was below average, her performance in other subjects suffered and she became disenchanted with the whole learning environment.

The LiSN & Learn program had an almost immediate impact on Sophie’s ability to process sounds when in the classroom. Sophie’s confidence grew almost daily; her reading went up a phenomenal five levels in four weeks and her hand-writing improved dramatically. Her comprehension and learning in all subjects has seen a marked improvement. She is a much happier student – and proud of her academic achievements!

It was also noticeable that the further Sophie progressed with the LiSN & Learn program the easier she managed “hearing” in noisy public places. Whereas she would “switch off” and become disassociated when it became too loud for her to process sounds from multiple directions in loud places like shopping centres and on public transport, Sophie now manages these situations with little difficulty.

Sophie found the LiSN & Learn program easy to follow, age appropriate and engaging enough to use regularly. She tells people she can “hear” because of the LiSN & Learn program and we are grateful to have found this treatment and highly recommend it to others with the same problem.

Sophie, aged 7, using the LiSN & Learn software with her mother, Sonia.  July 2012.
Sophie, aged 7, using the LiSN & Learn software with her mother, Sonia. July 2012.

Postscript on Sophie:

Sonia, Sophie’s mother, reported in December 2013 that Sophie’s progress has been sustained over time. “Her confidence is growing each day, all because she can now ‘hear’. Her reports have been consistently great and she attacks everything with enthusiasm!”

Kate, Jaya’s mother, February 2009

“Jaya’s ability to focus on a conversation whilst there are other distractions in the room – such as television, background noise, etc. – has improved. He has also improved in this ability to retain information, and has shown to be able to carry out three or more tasks without requiring repetition of the set of instructions. Jaya listens better in a group situation, such as in swimming lessons and gymnastics class.”

“Jaya’s teachers are reporting that since he did the program Jaya is better able to concentrate in class.”

Kate, November 2011

Jaya, aged 7. LiSN & Learn Evaluation Study, June 2008
Jaya, aged 7. LiSN & Learn Evaluation Study, June 2008